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For those intimidated by the BaseLine Ace machine, we’ve got you!
We can imagine you need a little guidance here. No worries, in the BodyBase App you can find a Beginners Guide on how to use the Ace, instructions on basic moves and many beginners classes so the Ace will become your BWBF (Best Workout Buddy Forever).

We want to educate, empower and motivate modern, busy people to live healthier and more active lives starting at home.

Do what makes

you move

You can find a workout that fits every mood, goal, workout type, music taste and experience level. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, from strength, high intensity to yoga, barre, pilates or meditation, there is something for everybody.

Black Label classes

An epic blend of cardio and strength classes with the BaseLine Ace on the wall or on the floor. The beat drops and you lose yourself in the energy of the trainer. A unique fusion of fitness, entertainment, and a lot of fun. The combination of slow and controlled strength training with high-paced interval training will leave your legs shaking, your body sweating and your soul longing for more.

White Label classes

Boost your sense of well-being with these classes and you’ll step into an inspiring frame to challenge your body and fuel your mind. Great workouts with a unique holistic touch. Your secret oasis amongst the chaos of modern life. It’s the kind of escape you need.



From high energy and strength training to yoga and mindfulness. Our inspiring Base Trainers will guide and push you on your fitness journey with workouts that fit into your lifestyle. You can follow classes ranging from 10min up to 50min.

For every level

From beginner to advanced. From couch potatoes to action heroes.

Unlimited Access

Enjoy access to all workouts and meditations. New classes and series released every week.

Plug & Play

Anywhere, Anytime. Accessible on all devices.