the baseline ace will

change the way you work out


This is not reformer pilates. This is so much more!

fit-wellness AT HOME

all in one EXPERIENCE

From the chic innovative design to the endless possibilities it offers, the BaseLine Ace is a game changer.
You will develop strength, endurance, flexibility, core and balance.

And you don´t need any other equipment!


Our patented activation system says goodbye to reformer springs struggle, and makes it easy peasy to change resistance.
The weight can be activated from both sides for ultimate flexibility in your workouts and space.

Small spaces

The Ace is built to fit in the smallest spaces, it even looks great in the living or bedroom. Save floor space, because with its wall mount you can store the machine on the wall. Maximize space, efficiency, and results.

Easy to move

Thanks to the integrated wheels it is easy to move the Ace onto your balcony, garden or other preferred workout location of the day.

Perfect Grip

The 360 ° grip around the Bases (the platforms), gives comfort and maximum result of your workout.

handle bars

The handle bars can be easily taken off to save space while on the wall or for storage in different places. The BaseLine Ace can be used with or without handle bars. 

Fits all

The ropes have different length options to give every user, no matter how tall, the full range of motion of any move.

vertical use

The patented, vertical position of the Ace on the wall gives you workout possibilities similar to a cable machine. We wanted to add value, give you more resistance training options and to provide a more all-around gym experience.

horizontal use

The horizontal position on the floor offers training options comparable to reformer pilates, reformer fitness, cardio, yoga and much more. With handle bars the Ace offers an even wider variety of exercises and intensity levels.



Patented: № NL2031722

LENGTH:     224 CM
WIDTH:     51,2 CM

WEIGHT:     Appr. 33 KG
incl. handle bars

HANDLE BARS:    3.2 kg