Base Boss Sabrina Albert

Founding Story

Not everyone is comfortable with going to the gym, people can be intimidated. Not everyone has time to go to the gym, nor energy after a busy working day. “As a working mom I know how difficult it can be to get that workout in.” Sabrina says. It’s about making fitness easily accessible AND fun for everyone, everywhere.

"I want to share my passion and make a lasting impact"

the vision

When Sabrina did not have time anymore to do sports during her last job as opening Director of a new Marriott Hotel in Dubai, she decided to quit her corporate career in the hospitality industry and focus her full attention on this passion project. She thought; “there must be more people like me, who are busy with work, with family, and still want to work out to feel and look great.”

tough times

When she moved to Rotterdam, she stepped outside her comfort zone, and together with the support from her husband, and a product development team who works for Dutch multinationals, she developed the first version of the BaseLine in 2019. The core ingredient of BodyBase Studios, a high-end boutique fitness chain in the Netherlands with studios in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It was a tough time when Sabrina launched BodyBase Studios, just before Corona happened. But Covid with its lockdowns did not discourage her, her husband and team, no it fueled them to enhance the concept and it opened up other opportunities: BodyBase @ Home!

New beginnings

During the lockdowns many people wanted to buy the BaseLine and did. But the Studio machine is very big, heavy and expensive. That was the time Sabrina went back to the drawing table with the same product development team to create a BaseLine for home. Something similar, but with specific home features; more compact, lighter, easy to store, a beautiful and chic design, even more functionalities and for everyone, to give people a full fitness and wellness experience at home or anywhere. The Baseline Ace!

Life is short

Work out smart

In today’s busy world, we all need a tool to work out smarter! The ultimate method to support body & mind, through an innovative, chic fitness machine for your home, events and gyms combined with an on-demand video platform to deliver high-end active experiences. To clear the minds of people and to center themselves during the chaos of life BodyBase anticipated on the growing need of yoga and mindfulness on demand.

For home-use only. Interested to use the BaseLine Ace for commercial use? Please contact us.

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